Tattered Lace Crossover Machine… Leather Bracelet

I thought it was time I got my New Crossover Machine out & give it a go.

Deciding what to make was made for me when I seen my Scrap Leather box.

I cut out…

2 x Small Leaves

1 x Small Button

1 x Large button

1 x Ribbon strip

(All dies that came with the Machine)

I then used scissors to cut a thin strip to act like cord.

1… Put the piece of cord through the small button & then thread through the Large button & snip off at an angle.

2… Glue the 2 x Leaves slightly on top of each other & then glue the double Button on top leaving the snip off angle cord hanging down.

3… Glue the above to the centre of the ribbon strip.

4… I used a small piece of cord to tie both ends of the bracelet together.

You could use another method to make a closure for your bracelet but the above one works for me. It slips onto my hand & my daughters & currently she still has it on as says nobody else has one & is unique.

Outcome….. People kept asking me why did I want this machine as I also have an electric machine!  My electric cutting machine does NOT cut through card 1st time or does an uneven cut, I have been looking for a machine that I could adjust the pressure control & was manual incase I ever have a power cut ( which is likely where I live) & I totally love this machine. I bought it for cutting fabrics especially leather & it slices through this thick leather like it was melted butter. It’s ticked everybody box for the reasons why I wanted it & I look forward now to exploring other materials I can cut & use in my crafting.


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