Quick & Easy Stags Headcard

Simple Bohemian Stag Card by Sarahjayne

I am putting my hands up to say I made a mistake!!!! Read on to see what & wonderfully why šŸ™‚

I decided to make a fast card today & make it really simple.

Its not usually my style to simplify things but last night when I went to bed I kept thinking what would it look like just black & white card! Yep my head never shuts down from crafting! I didn’t want to add to much bling so only 6 gems & kept them away from the stamp.

This is going to be a me to me card as its simple was quick & easy to make & I’m going to keep it to remind myself that not everything has to be extravagant or over blinged.

Now for the pens I used!!!!! docrafts Artiste pens. I loved them! I got it wrong! I thought I was using the ones that came in a funky wallet & its only when I came to write this blog post that I realised they are not! They are in fact PERMANENT INK pens! hahaha I used these little beauties with water & totally love them! who would of thought you could do that cause I certainly didnt! They cost so little to what all my other pens have cost & believe me I haveĀ so many different sets from different company’sĀ & I do use them all as they serve a purposeĀ but these ones are a defo go out & buy! I actually bought them to stamp & try colouring onto porcelain but looks like I will be using them for watercolours as well!!

To make this card I used…

Dovecraft Bohemian stag head stamp

docraft ArtisteĀ permanent marker pens

Black & white card

Ribbon & Gems


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