Bebunni Lamp made from Card & Sweet Treat Boards

I loved making this for a challenge team as it mean I really can think outside the box & this challenge was for a Tag, Bag or Box challenge! Ok it doesn’t look like a box but its made from Box Making boards 😉

I made the Green one 1st & then re-made the card so others could follow along & get the maximum use from something CC fans already owned. I designed a centre piece for the lamp shade which you can download for free.

Items Needed for this project…..

Sweet Treats & Special Treats Embossing Boards (Crafters Companion)

Acetate, Good quality Card stock, Collall Tacky,all purpose & 3d Gel Battery Candle.

FREE Template for centre piece can be found here… TableLampSupportTemplate just click & print.

To Decorate… Image (If wanted) & Flowers

10404504_290750771106023_5124504535876473976_n  10309676_296194093895024_4855214671672476901_n  IMG_5113

Pic-11.  1. BASE…..Using the Special Treat board, emboss around the Mini Milk carton which is nesting inside the large Milk Carton. I left one of the top tabs out as it was not needed for this.

Pic-2  2. Glue the side flap using  tacky Glue.





3. Cut out a square of your card 2 ¼” X 2 ¼” for the base of the card, Glue into place & then fold over the top flaps & also using tacky Glue, Glue to close. (This is where the lamp Shade will sit)





Pic-4  4. SHADE… Using the Sweet Things embossing board, emboss & cut out three popcorn boxes.




Pic-5 5. If you want to put parts out of the shade to add acetate this is the stage you do it at. Here I used an oval Die on all three Popcorn Boxes which was all six panels.




Pic-6  6. Now place the lamp shade pieces into position where they will be glued, but where you can see the flap showing around the die you have cut. Mark it with a pencil & cut it away. Top tip: this is easier before you have started to glue



7. Now glue your shade together (as shown)






8. To measure the acetate for the windows, I placed a piece on top & used my craft knife to mark the acetate, leaving a small gap.





9. I used an embossing folder to add texture to my windows.





10. I used a all purpose Glue to stick the windows & tacky Glue to finally make the finished lamp shade shape.






11. Lamp Shade Support: Print out your template & cut & score. Then transfer the same shape to a piece of heavy weight card (the extra weight card is needed)..






photo1  13. Use tacky Glue all around the lip of the Lamp Shade support & don’t try put it straight into place. Line up opposite sides & add pegs for support. Do this on all six sides.







14. Glue the top of the Milk carton & place the shade on the top & decorate as desired.

Happy Crafting xxx


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2 Responses to Bebunni Lamp made from Card & Sweet Treat Boards

  1. Lisa says:

    Love the Table Lamp, great ideas !!!!!!!


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