Using Word for adding sentiments to your work

I was asked how did I add the wording inside the frame stamp. Sometimes its easier to show people than write it so here is how it is done x

IMG_7622 Click Digi-stamps on your CD

IMG_7623Click JPG format

IMG_7625The image I used is 0105 the 1st one in the list. Open it

IMG_7626Right Click Copy.

IMG_7627Open up word & right Click paste

IMG_7629You can resize it but it wont let you move it around on the page until you click the text wrapping, I always click in front of text. Now I would re-size it & move it around the page until you have it where you want it.

IMG_7630Now to add a text box left click INSERT

IMG_7631move the mouse to the right hand side of the screen & left click text box. You will see a box drop down.

IMG_7632Move your curser to the bottom where it says draw text box & left click it.

IMG_7633[1]Left click your mouse & drag it to the box size you would like

IMG_7634[1]You can change the colour of the Base box here, I use No fill so that it doesn’t leave a white box.

IMG_7635[1]I also changed this one again to No outline

IMG_7638[1]  IMG_7639[1]Now add your wording & then right click it to highlight all the text

IMG_7640[1]If you cant see the fonts in the top left hand side of your screen click home & then chose a font you like, this will then change the font style

IMG_7641[1]Next to it is where you will see the different sizes you can change your font to. (You can add your own numbers you don’t have to use the pre-set ones)

IMG_7642[1]Now click anywhere outside the box & the border will disappear 🙂 You can still move that wording by left clicking & when you see the cross with arrow heads, left click, hold down & move it to where you want.

Have fun 🙂 xxx


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2 Responses to Using Word for adding sentiments to your work

  1. Thank you ,that’s very helpful xx


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