Bebunni Wedding Card Spectrum Noir colouring Tutorial

I’m nowhere near a perfect colourist & I DO make many mistakes but I enjoy what I do & if doing this step by step helps one person then to me that makes it worthwhile. Gotta say Iv loved making it & hope whoever reads it enjoys it also. So here goes my 1st colouring tutorial  🙂 xxx

Bebunni Tutorial by Sarahjayne

What I used….

Neenah card stock for stamping & the die cutting

Spectrum Noir pens… colours are….. IG1,2,3,5  CR 2,3  CG1, TB1  EB1, 2 GB8,11 LG3 & 4  , DG1, HB1,2

Collall 3d Gel & Tacky Glue

Marianne dies (Unsure of names as no names on packets.

Blue Velvet Ribbon

docrafts Pearl/Diamanté

Scalloped circle card base

Pale Blue Pan Pastel

I am going to start of with Mrs Bebunni ears…. For this ear I used IG1,2,3,5…..

Don’t be in a rush to put your finished colour down just for 1 ear I did 7 steps. I have added the colours I used to the side of the pictures as some of my identification markings have rubbed off.

IMG_7996IG1 I covered the full ear

IMG_7997IG5 Here I added the darkest colour

IMG_7998IG3 Using this pen go over your darkest colour & bring the colour out towards the edge of the ear more

IMG_7999IG2 again going over all the colours & bringing it towards the edge

IMG_8001IG1 I used this to blend all my colours together

IMG_8002IG5 I now added more of the darker colour to make it stand out

IMG_8003IG1 Then I added lightest again so no harsh lines.

Other ear I did in 6 stages still using the same pens  IG1,2,3,5…..







Next I started to colour her head in 5 steps still using the same pens  IG1,2,3,5…..

Keep turning your image around when you are colouring

IMG_8010IG1 to do the full colour

IMG_8011IG5 to add little dots where I wanted the shading. For this bit I turned the image upside down

IMG_8013IG2 to blend the dots

IMG_8012IG3 to bring the colour further into the face

IMG_8014Ig1 to cut out the harsh lines. If you wanted a darker shadow you would now add IG5 again but I was happy with this amount of shading

Next was colouring Mrs Bebunni’s body still using the same pens  IG1,2,3,5

IMG_8018IG1 to do the full cover

IMG_8019IG5 to do the shading dots

IMG_8021IG3 to blend the dots

IMG_8022IG2 moving it out to the centre of your Bebunni

IMG_8023IG1 to blend it all together

Next to start on Mr Bebunni here I am going to start on his body still using the same pens  IG1,2,3,5

IMG_8024IG1 to do your full colour

IMG_8025IG5 to put the shading dots down

IMG_8026IG3 to blend the dots & add a little more shading to areas I didn’t want to dark

IMG_8027IG2 to start blending the colours together

IMG_8028Final all over coat of IG1

Now for his face still using the same pens  IG1,2,3,5…..

IMG_8029IG1 for full colour

IMG_8030IG 5 for my shading dots

IMG_8031IG3 for blending the dots

IMG_8032IG2 with this i started to pull the ink further into his face

IMG_8033IG1 to blend everything together

Now for his ears I am going to do these two both together still using the same pens  IG1,2,3,5 for me this was done in 6 steps as I needed to use my blender pen to remove excess ink from inside ear. Yep I make mistakes! Tons of them but you only learn by doing a mistake 😉

IMG_8034IG1 To add the 1st coat of block colouring

IMG_8035IG5 to add my shade dots

IMG_8036IG3 to blend my dots

IMG_8037IG2 to start the blend moving over the ear

IMG_8038IG1 to blend everything

IMG_8038a IMG_8039Look here is where I used to much ink so I dotted the blender pen over the top & removed it.

Ears & Stomache for Mrs Bebunni I used colours… CR2 & CR3

IMG_8040CR2 to do your block colour

IMG_8041CR3 to add a little shade

IMG_8042CR2 to go back over it all to blend it

Mr Bebunni ears here I used CG1 & TB1

IMG_8043CG1 to do the block covering

IMG_8045Tb1 to add some colouring I also added a little to the left hand side of his tail 🙂

Mr Bebunni Hat I used EB2 GB8 & 11

IMG_8046EB2 I used this to flick the colour from the outside of the hat to the middle so I left a white highlight showing

IMG_8047GB8 this looks so harsh but It will work 🙂 just add this colour for your shadow

IMG_8048EB2 where you have just added your shadow use this colour now to blend the 2 colours again flicking it into the centre

IMG_8049GB11 I used this one for the sash on his hat. I added 1 coat & then went back & used it again

Now its Mrs Bebunnie’s Veil I used EB1 & 2

IMG_8050EB1 I only used a little of this on some outlines

IMG_8051EB2 I added a little to the top of the veil & a little to the bottom

IMG_8053EB1 to blend the colours in

Next I did the flowers on her head & her bouquet at the same time using colours LG3 & 4

IMG_8054LG4 is lighter than LG3 so I used this 1st just dotting around the stamp

IMG_8055LG3 Then I used this colour to add more dots over the top. This is where I noticed I had missed part of the Veil head dress so I went back to colour it

Using EB1  & 2

IMG_8056EB1 to colour block it

IMG_8057EB2 added to left hand side

IMG_8058EB1 to blend

I left the colouring here so I could see what colours I would use after Iv decided what kind of card I was going to make…..

IMG_8060   IMG_8061

IMG_8063  IMG_8065

I decided on using a Marianne Die to cut my image out, but as you can see here the ears would of been chopped off if I had but the image & die straight into the machine so in picture 2 you can see I marked on each side of the ear where I needed to put so I could bend them forward to stop this happening. I then put the die back in place & put through my Die cutting machine.

IMG_8076I then used Pan pastel to chalk around the edge of the die & a little in the centre near the stamped image to take away some of the white glare.

IMG_8078 Then I cut out another die cut shape using a different Marianne die

IMG_8077 I glued the main image to the centre of the 2nd Marianne die cut

IMG_8078 And then used Tacky glue to add the frame.

IMG_8079 I cut out the 2 x Marianne dies again on white card & again chalked the 1st Die cut frame like I did for the main toppper

IMG_8081  It was now that I finally decided to colour the rest of the image in. I used TB1, DG1, HB1, CR2 & HB2 to colour the flowers & on Mrs Bebunnie’s body I noticed I had not coloured the tag so I coloured it using CR2

To make the card up I used a circle scalloped card & folded one side down to make an easel card, I added the main stamped topper & then the bottom Die topper using Tacky glue. Then I used 3d gel to add a velvet bow & the pearl Gem was cream so I coloured it using TB2 and again used 3d gel to stick it on top of the bow.

Bebunni Tutorial by Sarahjayne

I haven’d added a sentiment yet as I will put it in my card box & wait until its needed for a wedding & then I will personalise it.

Many Thanks for reading.

Happy Crafting Sarahjayne xx


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21 Responses to Bebunni Wedding Card Spectrum Noir colouring Tutorial

  1. Lisa says:

    WOW !! Fab Tutorial xxx Thank you Sarah XXXX


  2. Kay says:

    Absolutely brilliant tutorial. It is really easy to follow and easier to follow than a video for me. Well done.x


  3. Erin says:

    A stunning card and beautiful image, fabulous tutorial thank you for sharing. Love those die cuts to.

    Hugs Erin xx


  4. Erin says:

    Gorgeous creations! xx


  5. Anne says:

    Thank you for this Sarah! I don’t have this image but I’ll try and find one similar and give it a go xx


  6. lindasimpsoncraftypieceofheaven says:

    Great tutorial. Thank you for sharing.
    Linda xxx


  7. Andree says:

    A brilliant step-by-step and a lovely finished card x


  8. Jane Savage says:

    Such a FAB tutorial, Sarah and a lovely card! As a Spectrum Noir user myself this was so uber helpful! Thank you, thank you, thank you! 🙂
    Have a lovely weekend! xxx


  9. Judith W says:

    Great tutorial and fabulous card thank you for sharing crafty hugs Judith x


  10. Hi your card is gorgeous the image is beautiful. Thank you for the step by step. Hugs Jackie


  11. Fabulous card and brilliant tutorial hun, think these will be my next buy, just finished buying all the Pencils, which I love BTW….hugs xxx


  12. What a charming wedding card! It looks delicate and airy, but very amusing at the same time. And your detailed tutorial is just fabulous! It was very interesting to see how this wonderful card came into being. 🙂


    • Thank you 🙂 It was my 1st coilouring tutorial & I was real nervous at posting it, but I’v had lots of lovely comments & messages I hope to do many more. I know you have some beauties on your digital stamp site & looking forward to having a play with them 😉 xxx

      Liked by 1 person

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