Evelyn (Eve) Born 12.53pm 12.07.15


I have always wanted to make a teddy bear but been scared to even attempt it! Yesterday I sat down drew my self a bear template & gave it a go. After 9 hours of hard labour She was finally Born. I have decided to call her Evelyn (Eve) for short as she was my 1st born 🙂 I seriously cant stop looking at her, I just can’t believe I made her!

She has fully jointed arms legs & neck.

Her eyes are Chocolate Brown with gorgeous Lashes.

Birthday… 12.07.15

And she weighs…. 401 Gms

Cut my 1st bear out  IMG_8236  IMG_8238


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2 Responses to Evelyn (Eve) Born 12.53pm 12.07.15

  1. thepaperbaker says:

    Fantastic job! I can’t believe it’s your first teddy bear… You did outstanding, she looks sooo soft & cuddly 🙂


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