Up cycle your Jeans!

I love JEANS!!! I wear them all the time & I’m sure I will have a pair of jeans that either don’t fit! have a hole in the knee or just not needed anymore!!!

Take a look & see how you can bring that denim out of the back of your wardrobe & back into your everyday life & even better tutorials on what you can create using them 🙂

For the Gardener’s ……….Jean planters…. Here I found the most amazing ideas for planters, I spent ages looking through all the photographs & had a really good chuckle at some of them. Here is the weblink to see all the amazing ideas they have for your jeans!



Flowers …….  I found this website with fabulous tutorials using jeans to make flowers, I really need to give this  ago as the list of possibilities is endless for what I can use the Jean flowers for! Broaches, Hat trims, Bag charms, make mini ones for a ring ohhhh & matching necklace & ear-rings 🙂 You can find the tutorials here….



Cushion & Bag …..  Brit + Co have a tutorial I fell in love with! Cushions!!! I love cushions as they are so easy to make but also very practical! and “Hello” who doesn’t love a new bag 🙂



Quilters ….. I couldn’t leave you out & wowser what a tutorial this is! You may need to use a few pairs that you do wear! ( Good excuse to go get new ones) or use the bag you made in the above tutorial to go round your friends houses & collect all their un-worn jeans! Just think of all those pockets to add your secret chocolate stash, remote control for the TV, mobile phone….. Ohhhh I will leave you  now with this link to the tutorial whilst I go  phone a few friends to find some more jeans 😉




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2 Responses to Up cycle your Jeans!

  1. Interesting ideas! Everyone really has old jeans that can find a second life in useful and pleasant things. It was especially amusing to see the quilt. It would probably be nice to find a chocolate that was hidden and forgotten there. 🙂


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