Spectrum Noir Accredited Colourist.

Yeahhhh I finally did it 🙂

This seriously panicked me last year as me & colouring just did not go it was like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole!

I coloured lots of stamps but nothing to write home about . I sat & watched Leann on the DVD player over & over again & it finally started to sink in.

I’m surprised the DVD didn’t wear itself out but thankfully finally it hit me!

I still panic when I see some images that I need to colour, but the difference now is I enjoy it! I take my time & plod along at my own pace & lose hours as I sit & colour.

Stamping & colouring is something I now LOVE

I tried to add my Blinkie but the URL worn work 😦

But here is my certificate that I am super proud off.

If I can do it!!! So can YOU!!! Grab you spectrum Noir pens  play xxx



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4 Responses to Spectrum Noir Accredited Colourist.

  1. Anne says:

    Well done Sarah! I’d love to achieve this but I just don’t seem to ‘get it’. X


    • Ohhhh no Anne, last year doing the Accreditation scared the life out of me! I did the 1st page & then fell to pieces on the 2nd so I packed it away & kept on colouring, I was clearing my Craft room when I seen the old work so decided to just go for it & somehow it worked, I used to rush colouring but now I sit for hours & love it, I will have to do some more tutorials as in the step by step I have had lovely messages at how easy it was for them to follow, If I can be off any help to you, just give me a shout 🙂 xxx


  2. Lisa says:

    Omg lol ! well done xxxx


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