I designed a Stag in Brother ScanNcut




Over the moon is an understatement!

After 2 years of deciding did I want one or did I need one I finally gave in & though its to good a price to miss so bought one!

All the accessories arrived 1st & I was pretty glad as I don’t like to open new machines for a while! ( New Brother sewing machine took 2 weeks to take out the box! ) So it gave me time to  read the books & look at the accessories & then the next day on my way to work the parcel man stopped me down the narrow lane & handed me my new toy!

Its a 35 minute drive to work & all I could think about was do I leave it in the car or do I take it into work & try! I took it into work, opened the box & took the new machine out! I then tried to plug the power lead into the screw fitting! I did manage to plug the machine in correctly & turn it on 🙂 I was then I was lost!!! I decided pack it all into the box & have a play at home when I wasn’t so busy.

A few days later I decided to give it a go & tried cut out a coloured stamp but I couldn’t get it do do so many fiddly bits so I then cut out a non coloured stamp right on the line which I thought was AMAZING! Then I tried with a 1 mm border & again a huge WOW from me!

It then sat on my dining room table whilst I decided what I wanted to cut! I knew I wanted Scottish Animals so I got researching how to design my own files. I tried it with a rabbit I drew and cut the rabbit shape out but when it came to the inside I had drawn it to close so the basic outline was great but the inside wasn’t so back to the drawing board!

Yesterday I drew a Deer, I love Deer as I see them all the time & its the only animal I don’t encourage into my garden or the hunters would get them. The 1st deer I cut I had put a line where I shouldn’t off but it only took me a couple of minutes to adjust it & then cut it again. I was tickled pink it worked, this is the outline of the card shape which I cut direct onto the card I had cut & folded & the inside of the Deer I will make another card with it as its not just a blank shape xxx


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