Create & Craft Christmas card Bargain 2016

This is to good not to share!

christmas-crafting-2-sarahjayne christmas-crafting-sarahjayne

My box of goodies arrived from Create & Craft & WOW I was amazed at how much was included!

Toppers, Backing sheets, Cards, Envelopes & even Tape & sticky pads!

I haven’t used sticky pads for years & forgot how handy they are!

This is only a few cards I made today with a fraction of what is inside the box!

I lit the bedroom fire went down to collect some more coal & passed the bottom craft room so I  brought up a box of goodies to play with whilst I watched the Disney show with Mel & Stephanie. Ok I know I shouldn’t of watched it as goodies always fly into my basket but I couldn’t help it as I’m a sucker for Disney & even though I haven’t used any of the last Disney batch I received a few months ago I know its in my craft room & waiting for when I do decide to play with it 😉

Off now to start up the Embroidery machines as my package has just arrived with Stabiliser & threads & craft fair is getting soooooo close! 🙂 xxx


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2 Responses to Create & Craft Christmas card Bargain 2016

  1. Tracy Welham says:

    A lovely selection. Creative Blessings, Tracy x

    Liked by 1 person

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