Weekend off


I must start with a photograph, when I blogged a couple of weeks ago saying the snow was coming & I had to prepare well here is what it was like when I woke up in the morning. It only stayed for a few days but it was beautiful seeing the snow covered Lawns & shrubs. I had many animals visiting including our 1st fox.


I am so excited to be getting a weekend Off!

I have had the busiest 3 weeks ever with 3 craft fairs & having to nip off from a craft fair to buy a book for orders as I forgot to bring one. I am now finally all up to date with the final packages all wrapped for posting tomorrow 🙂

Lanark craft Fair was fabulous, the people so friendly & they loved my handmade items. I gave out over 100 business cards & lots of people said visit the castle regular so say they will pop in & see my new makes when the castle opens in 2017. Its nice to see people from afar visiting the castle & shows you what a fabulous prestige place it is to visit.

Southport Fair was another sell out of many things & I am already booked in to do the Flower show in the summer 2017 so that is something to work towards & look forward to.

Liverpool town was amazingly busy & I have just finished the last of the orders for that one which will be posted out tomorrow. It was nice to do a fair near my home town so I could pop in & visit family & friends with a surprise visit. Yes I do like going back to my home town but I love living in Scotland so visiting did not change my mind to move back home.

I have a weekend off & going to enjoy my own Christmas shopping spree, with 3 children & 5 Grandchildren to shop for I am looking forward to playing OOPS! I mean choosing their Christmas gifts 😉 I am going to Carlisle on Saturday & Glasgow on Sunday as they have a fabulous indoor shopping area so whatever the weather I am hoping I will be able to finish all my shopping & relax to enjoy the festivities. Usually I have my Tree up by now but not had enough time to do it so may have a xmas clean up tomorrow & start putting the tree up. It takes 6 hours as each branch is added one by one but I do love my tree & look forward to dusting all those baubles off.

Crafty Hugs xxx







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