Happy Christmas all xx

I can not believe its Christmas Day next week! I usually put my tree up on the 1st December but with fairs & orders I only got to put mine up on Friday last week! . My baby Granddaugher has still not pulled the tree over which I am quite thankful for & my older grandchildren spend ages looking at the tree & hunting out the  Disney Grolier decorations & trying to find the 3 new ones that I buy each year & of course hunting for the chocolates! It will be their last Christmas with me this year with them moving house so I am making sure its a Christmas that they will remember with lots of fun, laughter & love. Grandchildren are for spoiling & I do love to spoil mine, it does get harder each year trying to choose gifts as they do have overstocked bedrooms but with them moving out the two older children were given 2 banana boxes each to fill with toys they wanted to donate to charity & between them they filled 7 in total so their toys will be helping a charity raise some well needed funds.


I am a little tired this morning as I was up until 2.30am this morning finishing the last orders in my book & they will all be posted out today and my Design Team work is all done up until February so I can relax & play 🙂

I have written my Christmas list & really hoping the new craft I have asked for will be a little easier than it looks but I do love trying out lots of crafts so this one will certainly not be for the faint hearted & certainly will be a challenge but I can not wait to get stuck in & have a go.

I am already preparing for the new year & filling up boxes for the shop & looking forward to sharing all my new handmade items but for now I am going to sew a little less, Felt a little more & get ready to take over the new craft rooms!

Today I will be icing the Christmas cake which I will say I am getting pretty good at! I have always loved to cook & bake but when it comes to icing its usually drizzled on icing or a Xmas cake has the child effect of royal icing with a knife patted over it to look like snow peaks! But I have kept up with the Icing lessons & can roll out my own icing & add to the cake like you would buy in a shop  which I never thought I would be able to do. I can then pipe all the fancy bits & maybe have a go at making Iced Xmas decorations for it.  I am also going to start packing boxes of crafts I won’t use until after the move & hopefully fill some boxes up myself for charity, I have so much craft that is left getting dusty it will be a relief to part with some more of it. I will just be having a skeleton craft stash from the bottom craft room until the new year as I am moving both my downstairs craft rooms to fill the upstairs bedrooms so all will have the full upstairs all  to myself 🙂 The bottom craft room will then become my new hobby room as its quite a messy craft I have chosen & with it being tiled floor & large work area it will be easy to sweep up afterwards and ready to use Christmas day. The other spare rooms will have to have some thought at what to do with them but I am liking the idea of either a Library or cinema room & the smaller room maybe a gym & then the larger room can be a double guest room.

Well thats me signing off until the new year, I am busy busy, super excited and ready to start packing & then icing.

I hope Santa put you on the nice list & brings you something you deserve, I wish that you are with your friends & family this Christmas & all your dreams come true. Happy Christmas all xx


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