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I am soooooo glad I held of decorating our Lounge until after Christmas as part of our ceiling came down!

I was a little shocked to come home & see it on the floor! The builders came & said rather than patching it up, they would be better putting in a whole new ceiling! So a full new ceiling it was. Emptying the lounge of all the furniture & carpet wasn’t a lot of fun but it did mean I would get a nice flat ceiling & could finally decorate after they had finished. The builders only took a day ripping down the ceiling & they even cleaned up after themselves 🙂 Doing the struts & plasterboard took a couple of days & then the plasterer did a fabulous finish all ready to dry out so I could paint it.

The builders finally packed up on Friday afternoon & then on Monday they came back to fit a new ceiling rose & was shocked to see we had finished decorating it. He asked if changing rooms had been in 🙂 The wallpaper! Ohhhhh I LOVE the wallpaper, I  bought it last year as I was going to decorate before Christmas but with many last orders coming in we had to postpone but it has a golden shimmer & gold glitter flakes in it. It was a bit of a pain having a messy house for a week but panic is over & house is nice & clean again.

I had to seal of my sewing room as currently its the room off the lounge & I didn’t want the dust getting in there with my machines so I didn’t get to sew that week instead I got to go up to the shop with my hubby & spruce it up.

It was lovely walking in & seeing it & with it being stock empty  we have had a full change round & put the new furniture in, my final  furniture delivery should be coming tomorrow. So we will probably go up & install the final unit next week. I only had 1 box of stock from when I closed it last year so while it was the closed season I started making lots of new goodies to fill it with & can not wait to share them but for now I’m keeping them under wraps & only sharing a few things over social media 🙂


Here are today’s makes……….

Its been such a long time since I have played with Templates I thought I would get my Mojo flowing & make a few cards. It didn’t take long to make one so I made 7! Each one is different & so pretty.

img_28381 img_28371 img_28321

img_28221 img_28341 img_28331


Here are also a few quick cards I also made today. Now to go & see what I fancy making tomorrow 🙂

img_28351  img_28361



Happy Crafting xxx


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