Embroidery Machine

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Book Covers…… These have books inside but when full the cover can be removed & added to a new book, don’t worry when you see only one or two of something as it means when I was taking the pictures I only added 1 or 2 to the picture that day. 

It has been a busy couple of weeks moving into my new craft room but all worth it. I now have every craft I do set on in a huge room & I can move from desk or table to start something new or leave embroidery machines working whilst I paint something & leave it there to dry & move to another table to so something different 🙂

This week I have been using the Embroidery machines more than anything with an order due I was using my old machine whilst my new machine was embroidering gifts to put into my shop or to box for the next craft fair.

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Keyrings made on Embroidery Machine. I embroider these out groups so some I would fit 4-6 in a single hoop whilst smaller ones I can fit 7 – 9 in one hooping. The owls last year I did all in Lavender colour as I had so much of it but this year I have built all the colours up so I have them in lots of different colours.  


Lots of Hair bands, slides & clips. I spent an evening playing with ribbon, Lace, gems & embellishments & I love the bobbles I made but never photographed them before I took them up to the shop. I have around 60 single sets made up so should keep me stocked up for a while as I already made lots of embroidered ones in January & put them on hair clips & Alice bands.


img_32761  img_32961

Cushions & Framed work… The Pheasant cushion is HUGE Its the biggest cushion I have ever made & I dont think it will last long with 2 people already wanting it. The Stag & Hare cushion are both 18″ x 18 square. I did put zip openings in them all so the cover can be washed. The frame is a large frame & I used all the same fabrics as the cushion. 


Cute Lamb plushie, This little fella did not survive as he was used for CE testing but I made another 6 as he passed with flying colours I say little fella but he is quite big!  🙂



Butterfly Mobiles, with crystals & Pearls. I used a embroidery machine to do free standing Lace butterfly’s & then soaked them to remove the backing so I was only left with lace. I did a huge batch of the butterfly’s with 1 machine embroidering small ones & another embroidering the larger ones.


Hanging Lavender Hearts… I made a total of 23 of these this week & I enlarged the pattern & made a couple of huge ones that can be used as cushions. 

Well thats it & not bad for a weeks work along with Design Team work I have been kept busy here.! Off now to get machines fired up whilst I will be at another desk adding glue to more fairy houses, & cutting out the fairy play mats & finger puppets, then I can finish making up more of the cushions I have embroidered Stags & Does on & then think what can I make tomorrow 🙂  xx Hope you all have a productive week & Happy Crafting xxx





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