New Embroidery Makes

I have been a busy bee again over the past couple of weeks & spent most my time in my craft room & crafting in the garden. I had my Granddaughter come over so I was teaching her how to sew & she took to it like a duck to water she said her Mum would not believe she made it herself so I took a video to show her & it was so mummy as all you hear is top….bottom….top….bottom as she was thinking out loud which way the needle went next.

I have made more houses & made some HUGE & some smaller!  Finger Puppets, cushion covers & the cushion inserts, Embroidered Pictures, 72 Cards, More Head bands & Bobbles,  Teddy’s, & I am finally back bag making 🙂 I haven’t made fully lined bags with coach work for a couple of years now & I forgot how much I enjoyed making them. I made 7 last week & just finished another one yesterday.

My hubby set up night vision to see what night time visitors were coming into our gardens & I was tickled pink to see Foxes, Badgers & Deer! I knew they were close by but didn’t realise just how close. The pheasants come all day everyday & roost in the trees but whilst garden crafting with my 2 fur babies they have learned its still ok to turn up for lunch & be able to toddle off back into the bushes without being harmed as long as they don’t come to close to our black one as he is still unsure if its ok to chase them off of they come to close lol

I was tickled pink a lady sent me a photo of the 1st bear she made from my pattern & has gone on to make more that she will be selling at craft fairs 🙂 I was also sent a photo from a lady who asked if she could come & have a look around the shop whilst I was unpacking new makes & she purchased 4 cushions & a large applique picture from me, I was actually hoping to keep them as a display to show I can make the pictures into cushions & make plain cushions to match but she fell in love with them & wanted them so my display had to be changed & I helped make somebody’s day brighter. The photo was of 4 of my cushions & the picture in the spare bedroom which made my day.

Well that’s me for now as I am just taking a break to bake a cake & finish tea off & then its back up to the craft room to finish off my 2nd Monthly order. Next month I will be ready for the order 🙂 Decided i will make houses everyday even if its only 3 so when the orders are due to go out they will be ready 🙂








IMG_3648[1]  IMG_4349[1]  IMG_4350[1]


                            IMG_3858[1]  IMG_3857[1]


IMG_3647[1] IMG_3890[1]  Deer & Stag Picture


Happy Crafting all xxx


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