Wow you want to know about me.

What can I say? I love to craft! I’m Married & celebrate my 25th Wedding Anniversary this December (2015) I have 3 Children & 3 Grand Children.


I live high up in Scotland & love it.

Rabbits & Pheasants Front room window view


Pheasants Deer in bottom Paddock

Crafting was something I have had in me from a very early age. My nan had a knitting shop so I learned to kit from the age of 3. Now I don’t knit much but when I do it has to be complicated Arran patterns to keep me interested or Knitted toys that I can see come together fast. My Christmas list would contain Pens, colouring books, jigsaws & puzzle games that would stretch my mind, gift sets of make your own jewellery, candles or Plaster & Moulds to make your own Muppet ornaments, anything really that would make me go away on my own & keep me entertained for hours on end & I enjoyed every minute of it.

Here are some of the crafts I have tried.. Glass Flowers, Keyring Charms, Watercolour Painting, Wedding Buttons, Cross Stitch, Decorated sweet Tree’s, Soap, Crochet, Knitting a poncho & Scarves, Clay & Nappy Cakes.

Glass flowers  Bag charms  Watercolours  Wedding Buttons  X stitch  Sweet Trees  Soap  Crochet  Mums finished Poncho  Knitting  Scarf 2  Clay baby  Nappy Cakes

Now I love have many crafting hobbies to keep me occupied & I spend many hours each day creating something from Card or fabric. Iv just learned how to design my own Machine embroidery patterns & find it totally addictive mapping out sketches Iv drawn & will hopefully finally get the time to make them into gifts to sell.

Well that’s me. Thank you for browsing through my Blog & I would like to Thank you in advance for any comments you may leave me 🙂 xxx